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It gets Better

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

Where one path ends, another begins,
Take one step, and it does end,
Life is always there, just around a bend,
No matter the turns that it takes,
No matter how much your heart aches,
Know that it gets better, as it breaks,
Darker times will rule some days,
Clouding judgment, confusing ways,
Dark thoughts compile, content to stay,
When it seems that this is all you see,
Know that you can cast aside the debris,
Making room for you to feel free,
To see the light within the dark,
Open your ears, and learn to hark,
Find your place, leave your mark,
The world needs people of the light,
They are protectors of what’s right,
They are those of a true might.

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