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Jamie and Me

March 6, 2012
By mdp7292 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
mdp7292 SILVER, Birmingham, Michigan
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Daddy why didn’t you come home?
Did you lose yourself in Rome?
Were you all packed and ready in Spain,
But decided to catch the next plane?
Were you coming from Berlin
But then you found your long lost twin?
Were you driving home from Texas
But stopped when someone scratched your Lexus?
Did you feel like stopping in Beijing
To buy Mommy a diamond ring?
Did you drop on by in Prague
And get me and Jamie a dog?

I really wish that you’d come home.
But I know you haven’t lost yourself in Rome.
You weren’t packed and ready in Spain,
To climb aboard the next train.
You weren’t coming from Berlin.
And you didn’t find a long lost twin.
You weren’t driving home from Texas
And you wouldn’t stop if someone scratched your Lexus
You would never linger in Beijing
Especially not, to buy Mommy a diamond ring.
I know you hate Prague
And you’ve always hated dogs

All of these lies…
Have in the past soothed our cries
You’ve been gone now almost four years
And you’ve missed all of those tears
But soon me and Jamie will be over you
At least over enough to just make it through
One day you’ll learn that you’ve made a big mistake
But you could never fix that subtle ache
That lies in Jamie’s heart, and mine
And has spread to twist up through our spines
To infect our brains
With this throbbing pain
This pain that will forever be
Inside of Jamie and inside of me
We’ll grow older but we can never let go
Of the people we knew, and the people we now know
As for the people we know, we will always be on edge
As if we’re expecting that we will soon drive a wedge
Between us and these people who have only been kind
But we cannot keep that first deception of you off of our minds
You built up our trust, to viciously rip it away
Now we secretly cannot wait until the day
Where you want to make amends
But you’ve already decided where this story ends
So we will see your calls and we will get your letters
But ignoring them will make us feel a little bit better
So this may be four years late, far overdue
But goodbye Daddy, from me and Jamie, to you.

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