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Just one level above

February 26, 2012
By Lacie101 SILVER, Sun Valley, California
Lacie101 SILVER, Sun Valley, California
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"you don't know how far you can fly,till you spread your wings"
"just when the catepillar thought the world was over,she became a butterfly"

I’m just one level above
The lowest ones are filled
With sadness and misery
I’m like them
Just not yet,
Hollow, but haven’t fallen yet
My heart is like lead
Why am I still up?
But am I not like them
Who forgot how to use their hearts?
Theirs were thrown away
I still have mine,
But it’s locked up tight
I’m just one level above
Am hanging on a thread
At the edge of the cliff
Haven’t fallen yet to the
Black sea below
If I fall it’ll be nothing,
But bones of the forgotton ,
And salt water tears,
Of many
I haven’t fallen yet
Just one level above
Looking down,
Waiting to fall, but,
Will I fall?
Do I want to fall?
Am I higher than I think I am?
I just know,
I am not drowning
Just one level above

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