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February 9, 2012
By TamarZiff PLATINUM, Caracas, Other
TamarZiff PLATINUM, Caracas, Other
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Some days I just like to lay
around the house, but then I feel very
lazy and I want to do something and to make
my heart to go thumpety-thumpety-thump and
my feet to go bump bump-bump and the air to
go whoosh-whoosh by me and in my hair.

The days go really slow except when
I’m whizzing on my scooter and I
jump high into the air and then a
C-L-A-S-H as my scooter lands on
the hard stones and then a bump-bump-bump
as I roll over the stones
and then I want to roll-roll-roll forever
but then my feet get tired and I slow so my
scooter goes click-clack as it rolls slowly
on the stone but not bump-bump because
it only does that when

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