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Waiting For You

February 4, 2012
By EmoCinderella PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
EmoCinderella PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
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Water trickles from my lips
As I walk in from the pouring rain
Take control now
Take me in
And don't let me out
I know I this is wrong
But I'm desperate for the warmth
Of your body
Of your soul
My hair soaking wet
Droplets on my face
Invite me into your chamber
And dry me of my fear
I know this is sudden
Out of code
And out of order
But just take me now
Make me feel at home
Kiss me softly
Until I drift into
A dreamless sleep
Lay me down
And tuck me in
Like a child in the night
I want to only see your face
As I wake.
When I wake.
If I wake.
I don't want to dream
I don't want the nightmares to come
I don't want to see the retched face
Of the monster again
I need to know that I am safe
In your arms
Hold my cold wet body
And make me feel safe again
Make me feel
Love again.
My heart is desperate
For attention
Desperate for you to love me
I just want you to want me
Like I want you
In this very moment
I realize
You may be the one
I've been waiting for
My prince charming
But I need you to tell me now
Why am I waiting?

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