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Dead Woman Walking

February 4, 2012
By neverland44 SILVER, London, Other
neverland44 SILVER, London, Other
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Key slotted into hole
Turns with a clink
Sliding of heavy bolts
I wake.

Metal door swung open
Light hurts my eyes
Rough voices, mocking men
I stand

Arms pulled round my back
Handcuffs pinch my wrists
Dragged by hair, pushed with sticks
I walk

Eyes shut tight, head hangs down
Shoved through prison door
Brutal kicks from Brutal Creatures
I fall

Jeering from callous crowds,
Spitting at my feet
Loathing looks, disgusted sneers
I hate

Man pushes Beasts aside
Throws his arms around me
Child weeps and hugs my legs
I cry

Loved ones’ hands slip away
Continue journey on
Gallows greet me, my Lord is with me
I wait

Sentence read by white haired man
Animals wait to feast
Stopped in front of ringed rope
I pray

Cord placed round my neck
Tightened to the throat
Lever pulled, breathe last breath
I hang

Dangling like ragged doll
Swinging to and fro
Drift away from sinful world
I die

Shining white, clouds of gold
I’m free

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a school poetry competition. The theme was journeys. I tried to make it a powerful, emotional poem about the journey to death.

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