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January 9, 2012
By kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
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Sometimes I see you better with my eyes closed
When my gaze stops counting the lines in your forehead
And the number of times you lick your lips
And the freckles on your back.
When I let my eyelids come between my vision and you
The room becomes very crowded even though we’re the only people in it
And I suddenly see your secrets that everyone knows and your complexities become understandable.
Your worldly yet mellow curiosity teaches me to never underestimate doubt
And when I see your laughter I remember to forget.
Sometimes we’re very distant neighbors
But when I close my eyes that distance shrinks
When I can comprehend your passion as elegantly simple
And your peace as a strong weakness.
Your loyalty teaches me to quit quitting
And your determination proves itself bittersweet.
The silence of that never-ending moment roars through my ears
But I like it, and I keep listening.
Maybe it’s not right, but it’s true
Everything I see about you can be seen with closed eyes,
Everything that was hiding right in front of me becomes exposed in the darkness.
And so far what I’ve noticed is that
When you take out all the perfection, what’s left is a deadly beautiful contradiction.
I’m just an average catastrophe
But I’m hoping against hope that I’m right
And that you’re completely unique just like all the others.

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