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And yet...

December 15, 2011
By Loveandboxing PLATINUM, Levvitwon, Pennsylvania
Loveandboxing PLATINUM, Levvitwon, Pennsylvania
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Eat, Sleep, Sing (by me)
Writing is an art few people master it. -me

I know I’m not the prettiest,
I know I’m not the smartest,
I know I’m not the skinniest,
I know I’m not the most talented.
I have squinty eyes,
I have a chubby face,
I have lips that look so skinny when I smile,
I have a scar on my nose,
That I hate.
I’ve been called names,
I’ve been called ugly,
A s***.
I’ve been lied too,
I’ve been hurt,
I’ve been broken.
All of that and yet,
He still thinks I’m perfect.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my boyfriend, hes so sweet and even though i think so bad about myself he thinks im perfect. <3

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