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Going Through The Motions

October 31, 2011
By -OathKeeper- BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
-OathKeeper- BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"You Don't Know What Control Is... Until You Lose It."

Falling through the air, not a care in the world
Another day, another challenge, another fight with my girl
We’re screaming at each other, got my heart in the limelight
I’m busy synthesizing reasons in this rhyme, right?
You see I’m strong but I feel weak without my thunder
She wants a Batman, but I’m the Boy Blunder
Or maybe Joker since my love is just a word
But I still say it, still spray it, actions are absurd
I never lay a hand on you, ‘less it’s sensuality
Hold you close and don’t let go because you’re my reality
I smell like cigarettes and a little bit of something, something
You dog’s aint doing nothing, swear you puppies only humping
So how can you start comparing me to what’s out there?
Your last lover only care about your underwear
I know I don’t swear to god but girl I need some faith
Just going through the motions “5-6-7-8”

The author's comments:
Just writing about relationships and arguing. Basic things that happen in every day life.

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