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Knocking on heaven's door

October 23, 2011
By Alicey BRONZE, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts
Alicey BRONZE, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts
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If I were to knock on the doors of heaven
Would he consider me as his child?
The tears I shed on those hopeless nights
may have become the corridor of light that i am walking through

God once asked me, do you love me?
And I told him, it's time for me to love you, as much as you loved me.

It isn't something I can't blame, nor regret
The countless times I tripped and fell
Over the barrier of what I considered unfair
The blame I could neither imagine nor face
Which was my weak self that I hid behind the doors of heaven

Now I've come here to confess
What a shallow person I am
I am not a hero, nor a villain
who has the courage to face the consequences waiting ahead
I've decided to rather be somebody than nobody
And be someone who gives,
rather than someone who receives

So I stand here in front of the doors of heaven
To be human and to find myself
I hide nothing, because that is what brings me here
And I am here to be your god, dear god.

The author's comments:
What does it mean to move on?

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