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October 4, 2011
By SkinnyWest SILVER, Middleburg, Florida
SkinnyWest SILVER, Middleburg, Florida
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The sky turns to grey
The trees start to sway
And I cant think of words to say
As I sit upon the ledge of the wall in my driveway

Everyone else runs inside out of fear
While I sit there being showered on by God’s tears
And as the clouds bellow thunder
Its funny how I find peace under
The raging storm
I turn my eyes away from it
To a feather caught in my bracelet
Wondering from where it has flown
It is then that I notice
That the trees have gone from swaying to having minds of their own
It reminds me
Not of destruction
But only of the swirling emotions inside of me
And its funny how I can relate
To the very thing
That was only meant to destroy and desolate

The author's comments:
i was sitting in a storm and instead of making me feel worried like i shouldve i just sat there it made me feel calm and relaxed

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