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A thread of time.

September 13, 2011
By T.C.Buttercup GOLD, Vancouver, Other
T.C.Buttercup GOLD, Vancouver, Other
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once upon a time.
live or let die.
never change for anyone, unless you have no one left to change for.

Pattern deeply growing.
White and green and blue.
Comely, timely, showing,
An image born a new.

Careful, tight and wounded,
The threads slowly wined.
Once around the other.
Together each one in time.

Torn, riped and ruined.
The thread in coloured mess.
A patch of simply darkness,
Is what now only rests.

A sheet of so much pattern,
Can never be just right.
Filled with mistakes,
That twist and turn,
Its delicate pattern of life.

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