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Nature of the Heart

August 26, 2011
By musicloveswritting16 SILVER, Troy, Missouri
musicloveswritting16 SILVER, Troy, Missouri
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Cracks in the dirt
Are like holes in the Earth
And the clouds in the sky
Are the shatter debris from your long dry soul.

The sun in the sky
Only brings dusty thought,
Drying and bakin and buring
Your heart, 'til all that's left
Blows away up into the dreamless sky.

The clouds in the sky gather
On the lonely face of the horizon
The lonely breaze comes calling
Calling the dusty thoughts to join
This lonely cloud of dus
Of a heart.

The rain falls from the sky
Sending the shatters of a tattered heart
Back down to the Earth.
The tears of the sky brush the dirt
Falling in the cracks of the Earth
And thunder claps and lightning flairs
As an underscribible thirst
Is quenched.

The soft sweet grass grows
Where naught but barren landscape had laid
The frsh, new stalks full of
Life and hope and dreams
Slowly stiching back the pieces
Until they resemble once what was A wholey loving heart.

It was not the same,
but stronger
It was not as quick
but kinder
It was not so lost
But on its way to being found.
No, it was not the same,
But it had the untold beauty
Of a once broken heart.

The author's comments:
I just kind of wrote this late the other night...I hope everyone enjoys it...Please excuse any spelling errors or grammer errors, I'm real sorry! Enjoy.

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