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Life's Journey

July 22, 2011
By P03tryPunk BRONZE, Delray Beach, Florida
P03tryPunk BRONZE, Delray Beach, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. -Plato

How does it start?
The trek down
to crazy town...
I wasn't always like this

As a kid
I was happy
laughing, jumping, playing...
Then I grew up

I began my downwards spiral
First came anger
Then came sadness and longing
Finally came desperation

I became more
and more angry
I was mad at everyone;
All the time

Eventually, I became sad...
I cried and cried
Until there were
No more tears left to shed

All I wanted
Was my life back...
Back to when I was happy
I began to long for those days

Soon after, I began to accept
That my life was worth nothing
I wanted a way out of all
The pain and suffering

I was willing to do anything
To get away
From the horrible feelings
That came every minute of everyday

As a teenager
I was far from happy...
I was mad, sad, and desperate
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore

How does it end?
The trek down
To crazy town...
I wasn't always like this

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