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Blood Stains

June 7, 2011
By B-Ragz BRONZE, Oxford, Connecticut
B-Ragz BRONZE, Oxford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Hate the sin, love the sinner. -mahatma gandhi

Let me in;

I’m out in the freezing cold- all alone

I’m the burning red in the pure white snow

Open the door to your safe haven Give me the key to your heart,

Lift the blinds from the window to your soul

Give me a hint

Just a tease, a peek at the Small details

Let me know the Grand Design

Quench my thirst, satisfy

My Wicked Appetite

Lift these chains of fire from which I succumb

Let me in;

I am but A Secret Kept, a promise unbroken, a story untold

My lips are sewn, my voice is shattered

My Sacred Sins go unnoticed

My pain I endured, then put away

And locked up. And hid.

I swallowed the key.

Oh, Clockwork Angel,

I bow to you

And all your glory

Tell me when it’s time to go; Tell me secrets I’m allowed to know

The MockingJay inside of me

Chirps and Squawks at the sound of your

Ticking Clocks.

Let me in;

Ignite the flame

Extinguish my chains

Lift me up, give me wings

Name the Unnamed- love the Unloved

I’m getting to happy, finding perfect

I mold myself for you, into your muse.

But don’t let down your guard yet, this isn’t what it looks like

Love me if you dare-

Try to survive The Jungle that is my wrath.

Hang on by a thread, Swing and sway

To the beat of my pounding drum

Will my scissors away

But the tables have turned

The scene is inverted

Let me out;

You succumbed to your heart,

As expected

You knew not to, but you did

Naive, you are unaware

Your coils and screws came undone

The springs went flying and disappeared into the darkness

The Clock is broken,

It combusted on the floor and I stomped on its remains

What time is it?

Its night.

Let me out;

It’s a full moon

You’re under my rule

Held down by my chains of fire

They’re burning your skin, Melting away your harsh exterior

And revealing your soul

My sacred sin-

Starved by my wicked appetite,

I take what is yours, and give you nothing of mine

You are nothing but a secret let out,

Then put in my box. Locked away.

You’re fooled, your vision is altered.

I’m not a dove, I’m not purity. I’m a wolf- a predator.

You’re blinded by the vines of my jungle

You may wake up.

In the dark all alone as the clock chimes midnight.

You will not find me, for I will be nowhere to be found

I’ll be out,

Howling at the moon.

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