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The helpless death

June 23, 2011
By devikaarora GOLD, New Delhi, Hawaii
devikaarora GOLD, New Delhi, Hawaii
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She stood there... helpless...
unaware what to do...
She knew she was harmless...
Who could she go to?
Her legs shook and her heart raced,
From reality she had far paced.
She glared at the man with the gun,
Calculating whether she could run
She had the will... but not the power
With death she knew he would shower(her)
With the gun pointing at her she stood still,
She knew this was her last moment until...
He pressed the trigger and she seemed to shiver...
The bullet pierced into her... her heart ached!
She knew her daughter's life was unwillingly staked.
For this was the last image she saw...
Her daughter, shocked with her open jaw
She wept as she saw her mother lay on the hard ground/
She was as helpless as her mother, with no one around!
She looked at her father with eyes full of revenge
But foresaw only remorse and regret...
She didnt know yet, what her fate, for her held
She sat beside her mother,
Wishing she could talk...
Se didnt realize her father had gone too,
Even towards him she couldnt walk.
After a moment she heard a gunshot,
And she knew her father was dead too.
He had taken peace out of their lives,
He had killed her soul!
She knew nothing, she was nu,b/
Could a person be so cruel? So dumb?
She wished she could go back in time, and save her mother,
Couldnt it be any other?
She went back to her mother, who lay unconscious
And wept at her loss...
For she could do nothing now, just regret.
She sat there, still, till she was helped,
She has nightmares, still, where she yelped
For support, for love, for revenge!

The author's comments:
Well, this is a poem... or something like that which i wrote during my Biology class... three days after my cousin was killed by her husband in front of their daughter. The husband then killed himself too...
We are still fighting for the daughter's custody.

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