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Lost in the Darkness

June 4, 2011
By Andrew Kranker SILVER, Bozeman, Montana
Andrew Kranker SILVER, Bozeman, Montana
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Darkness wears me like a cloak
But on the outside all you see is me.
You wont see him without his cloak
Oh no, he makes sure of that
Because he can't go into the light.
So that's why he stays sheltered,

Not many people can see him.
He's smart that way, you see.
You can usually catch a quick glimpse;
Jumping around the next corner
Or disappearing into an open doorway
And the only thing you hear is the door click.
And then he's gone

But then again everyone has seen him,
Most don't recognize him.
Some simply don't stop to look

Hes that one guy...

Your walking down a hallway to your work office.
You were late leaving your house
Because you forgot something important
And as your thoughts tangle with each other
Inside your head
About everything that's happening today,
You pick up your pace.
The world around you gradually fades away
As you begin to mumble your thoughts Aloud.
A quick glance at your watch
You curse under your breath
But you continue to walk faster.
As you reach the door, your watch beeps

Did you see him?
He was right there!
The stranger who passed you in the hall
He even looked nervously in your direction
For a split second to make eye contact.
But you didn't look
In fact you probably forgot he was there by now

Of course, you didn't really see Darkness himself
Because he was wearing his cloak

Some people are lost
Lost like you were on your way to work this morning
You probably knew what direction you needed to go
But you were still lost
You didn't even see him!
You could have been one of the few
Maybe next time

Darkness is lost too
What's that one saying?
"lost in the darkness"
But it's the other way around
The Darkness is lost in you.

He's really a nice guy!
He loves being around people
He just can't show himself in the light
So he has his friends help him out

His friends let him borrow their own cloaks
So that he can walk among people
And dance and sing
But the people never see him dance
And the people never hear him sing
Because they can't see his beautiful dancing through the cloak
And they can't hear his beautiful voice through the cloak
He moves faster and sings louder
But everyone keeps walking by

Like they don't even notice him

He really just wants to talk to you
Learn about your life and share stories
But only his friends will listen
And only his friends will understand

I am friends with Darkness
And he wears me like a cloak

The author's comments:
A bit heavier piece than I've written before, but it was inspired by how I felt earlier today coming down from aderall after the S.A.T. I hope by reading this some of you will take its message and reflect it on your own life. :)

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