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Our Heroes

May 11, 2011
By cieracupcakes BRONZE, Federal Way, Washington
cieracupcakes BRONZE, Federal Way, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Laugh your heart out but on the inside your just breaking apart." ~ Ciera McTighe
"Photography isnt just taking pictures, its the emotion and thoughtfulness you put into a picture" ~ Ciera McTighe

Marching fourth towards an abyss of nothing
sand is kicked up into their faces
Faces are emotionless looking on ahead
not even a blink is noticed
footsteps are all that's heard throughout this empty area
miles and miles of gruesome marching
they are not letting up
faces full of sweat and dirt
Flies are flying around there heads
not one is swatting them to their deaths
while watching these men marching i sense some reason
some reason of why they do this to themselves
i watch as they march by to the abyss of nothing to meet their destiny

The author's comments:
I was listening to Rise Against's song 'Hero Of War' and it got me thinking. Here is a poem that a very emotional song inspired me to write.

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