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Everything Gone

April 15, 2011
By artgirl SILVER, Gaston, Oregon
artgirl SILVER, Gaston, Oregon
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"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more then are abilities."

Mud and grass
I crawl and run up it
Behind, the monster roars
I collapse to the ground
I face the monsters wrath
I take my friend’s hand
And together
We watch the monster

It leaps unto my town
Clawing, Eating
People running from its jaws
Over and over
they are all too late
Its jaws snatch them all

I see my house,
The monster pounces,
My house engulfed
My family

Screams and roaring water fill my ears
Then the screams stop
They were Gone.
Now I scream
Beating my fists into the mud

Just me and my friend left
We wait, despairing
Dripping tears
We embrace each other,
the last thing left of our life
The rest
a waste of wreckage
Just each other
And our fragmented memories remain
All else is gone

The author's comments:
I wrote this in response to the recent disaster in Japan. I saw a video of a whole town being destroyed by a huge wave of water. The video was taken from someone up on a hill. I found it very powerful.
My poem is about someone who runs up a hill with their friend and watches their town and family be engulfed by water.

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