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Neither Can I

April 11, 2011
By AlyssandriaFlamel SILVER, San Jose, California
AlyssandriaFlamel SILVER, San Jose, California
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I can feel
The unshed tears
The cracked veneer
It tears at me
What has she done
It can't be fixed
Can't be undone
I had to talk him down
From the proverbial roof
Tell him secrets never told
To get him not to hurt himself
Beg and plead
Crying myself
What has she done to him?

His masque is gone
Beyond repair
The feelings he hides
Now he's forced to share
I worked so hard
For him to let me in
I've gone too far
I'll not be welcome again

Please, whoever's listening
Give him happiness
End his pain
Keep him from hurting himself,
I ask
The world can't live without him and...

Neither can I

The author's comments:
Written after a friend's really rough break up.

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