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Lady of the Night

March 20, 2011
By cieramist GOLD, Orlando, Florida
cieramist GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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A certain impulse, a state of mind
A kindred spirit be
No more shall the paths diverge
I beseech you, do not leave

One surpasses to another
Each for every man
I beg of you now, my troubles withdrawn
To come with me again

To now glance and take a glimpse
Of what I used to be
I wonder if I am but a prisoner
Suffocating in my infamy

I stood there by the hallowed wood
With the hushed lady of the night
Our vespers we offered till half past two
Our gallant maid to save from plight

Her words of honey seemed to me
Like music to mine ears
Music that evoked nostalgic memories
And nearly brought me to tears

My Venus, my goddess
She alone covers my shame
I hunger for her and her alone
As she whispers, whispers my name

Her smile was wistful, blithe and gay
With eyes as deep as twilight
Forbidden, but pure, my love, my friend
With none but the moon in sight

Farewell! bid she to me
Leaving our eventide tryst
With her hand on the aspen tree
There I watched her feet alight and cease to exist

There I watched my camelot fade
A swarming gyre of existence
My lady friend, my love
Took the path of least resistance

Our moonlit whispers winding down
Brought to light more troublous times
I remembered there our felicity
Whence days long gone had been

I remembered her slender, ivory form
Bequeathed to me by will
So comely and sensual
My idyllic joy and thrill

In the glade I kissed her hand
And bade her soon return
Her eyes agleam, she smiled at me
And said, When will you learn?

This certain impulse pulled me back
To sudden reality
And there I awoke to find, alas!
It was but a dream

The author's comments:
This poem sort of just came to me. This is all thanks to watching too many romance movies.

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