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I'm Alive

March 14, 2011
By Lyllith SILVER, Austin, Texas
Lyllith SILVER, Austin, Texas
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I'm not quite sure
Why this is happening to me.
It's not fair for me.
Or his mother.
Or his sister.
Or anyone.
I suppose life is full of unfairness,
And we just have to learn
To live with it.
Life IS unfair.
The whole being of it.
We have to learn.
Learn to live with life.
I suppose...
I don't know anything for sure.
I always suppose things.
Because really,
They're all just theories.
I don't know anything
About anything.
I'm just making things up
As I go along.
With hope that they'll
Take some of the pain away.
I suppose
You have to learn to live with pain too.
It won't ever just,
Go away
Because of some thought I have.
None of this is fair.
I shouldn't have to deal with this.
But I do.
So I might as well embrace it,
And stop pushing it away.
He killed himself.
He wasn't even 15 yet.
I loved him dearly.
I still do.
But he's dead.
I'm not.
I am NOT dead.
I am NOT Isaiah.
And I am alive.
Oh boy, am I alive.
Thank God.
That I'm alive

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