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When Winter Cries

February 27, 2011
By skb1234 SILVER, Lexington, Kentucky
skb1234 SILVER, Lexington, Kentucky
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It’s getting colder outside, no more green
leaves, just empty branches.

Those empty branches whistle
in the cold winter wind.

When winter cries, it sounds
like screaming, a screaming baby
that cannot be pacified.

Soon, the ponds will freeze over
and you will hear the sounds of skates,
skates scratching over the cold winter ice.

Those scratches will soon fade with the birth
of new ice.

When winter cries, it will blow the frost from
the ponds, the frost will be carried from place to place.

Just as the frost gets carried along, I get carried along
too, carried from school, to church, to winter parties.

But soon, I wonder why winter parties? When winter
cries, it sounds not like a party, but the same un-pacified baby.

When winter cries, the sun will soon pacify it.

November 8, 2010

The author's comments:
this is my first poem

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