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When will These Days Be Over

February 14, 2011
By alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
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When will these days be over
because I'm to find out
everyday is just another day to die inside
When I don't see your face
It's eating me alive knowing I can't see you
I wish that you were never sick
that you could never get sick
for that matter I wish no one ever gets sick
when will these days be over
and you come back for us
you just really mean a lot to us as our teacher
because you helped us learn something
In a way you changed a few of our lives
We will never forget you
not in a million years
when these days are over
Everyone will be so happy that you
came back to teach us and help us learn
even more then we had
Even though I don't know you that well
that doesn't matter because your now my favorite teacher
you sucked me into the love you have for your students and the passion you have for teaching

The author's comments:
My teacher got very sick, and now she recovering and All her classes miss her and were thinking about her all the time.

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