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Most Deserving Then

February 14, 2011
By KenLB PLATINUM, Hopewell Jct., New York
KenLB PLATINUM, Hopewell Jct., New York
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Picture perfect chaos
Spreading all around me
Exploding left and right.
Bodies flying through the air
No one seems to care
Too self involved to be aware.

Children are dying
The government is lying
As our e’er approaching doom walks through the door
I want some more

We dance with fate
Trade blows but we cannot win
We’re blind to that.

We tie the noose
Around our fragile neck

Death is fast approaching and
The wheel is not turning and
In a few moments we’re all to die

As I see the people die
As they scream and wonder why
This pain
Was ever theirs to feel
I smile and say

For the children who’ve died
And the governments who’ve lied
For letting the Devil walk through the door
For welcoming him.

For your senseless slaughter
Of the truth
And its daughter:

For letting evil win
For letting the demons in
For giving up
When could have won the fight

That’s why
I make you hurt.

Feel the suffering
You’ve brought to so many
That didn’t deserve it
But you gave it

Now it’s come back
To haunt you

Before the end
You all shall die
Your blood
Shall run across the stones.
And I’ll smile and say:

This is what you get
For the deeds you now regret
You greedy, god-complex fool.
Now lay down and die
Like you’ve made so many do
The fights over, now let me take your life
I’ll make it quick.

Put a noose around your neck
Make you fall
And snap I broke your neck
Too good for you.

Should have made you suffer more
For all the things you’ve done
You felt a fraction
Of the hate I feel for you
That’s all for now

Your body
Is hanging
Your neck is
In two.
I cut off your head
I put it on a pike
“This is what happens
To the worst among us.
This is
The pain you all shall feel
If you keep it up.
No more forgiving
There was never forgetting
You’ll all suffer for your crimes”
Is what I said.

Then I took a rifle and I killed them all.
I looked at the blood and the death
I smiled and saw that I’d rid the world
Of the parasite of our species.
Then among the dead I saw a girl.
A girl I’d loved in days gone by
A girl I still loved, then I realized
More worthy of death than her was I.

I took the rifle and I
Pressed the barrel
The temple of my head.
I pulled the trigger
And took the life of
The person most deserving then to die.

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