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Snowmen and Cotton Candy

January 15, 2011
By Casey2012 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Casey2012 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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When the sky opened its arms,
I wished you were there with me.
To catch the thick flakes that tickled my eyelashes,
And to build a huge snowman,
With a smile and a top hat.
I knew you weren’t there.
You were someplace else, with people I didn’t know.
I’ve tried to make you come back.
I reminded you about the time we built that ridiculous snowman,
And the time you bought me a bright pink cotton candy, on a summer day at the fair, when laughing was the only thing that seemed normal.
I was so little then.
I didn’t know you left to never come back again.
But now I know.
You don’t have to buy your little girl silly pink fluff,
Or put a hat and fake smile on a lopsided snowman,
That would eventually melt.
You can be with the people I don’t know,
Go places with them I never want to see.
Because in the end,
I did my best, I reminded you.
So now I’m standing,
Waiting for the sky to open its arms,
And waiting for the flakes to fall.
For you.

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shineonme said...
on Jan. 30 2011 at 2:30 pm
I really loved this poem!! its really sad but i can relate to your situation i liked the way you got the message across and the construction of this poem! nice job.