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Dear Mother

January 5, 2011
By nickgreene000 SILVER, Appleton, Wisconsin
nickgreene000 SILVER, Appleton, Wisconsin
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What do you do when you give your children
And it blows back in your face,
Like what you’d always expected coming true;

When your son will never talk to you,
Because he claims he loves you too much;
When your daughter only breaks
away from you
After you tried to connect with her
One too many times,
Like your favorite game only frustrates you;

When your husband will never understand
how you feel,
Unable to give it another try,
Like you should’ve kept what you had to start with;

When your life is changing so fast,
Dependant on years of sameness,
Like the earth turned to sand beneath your feet?

What do you do when you give your children
The World
And they throw it back in your face,
Like it’s your fault because
of the way you raised them,
Like the harsh ending to a
beautiful story
That you never expected?

What is left for you?

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