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statistics of the broken hearted.

December 15, 2010
By PeglegGem BRONZE, Gambrills, Maryland
PeglegGem BRONZE, Gambrills, Maryland
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adolescent poetry is
formed by words, any words,

and anyone can write words.

People only listen to numbers these days.

If there were statistics for teenage souls,
could it be fair to say that
every two seconds,
six people are breaking inside?

Three out of four become
apathetic after seeing that
nothing gets better.

At least five times in every teen life,
they consider suicide.
The probability that the suicide will be
consummated is one in seven.
Two people actually try it.
One person, in the end, succeeds.

Someone hears and thinks it’s a success story.
Maybe they should try it.
That is called conformity.

Fourteen people are stuffed in a room.
How many will start following the guy that
looks cool in his chair in the center?

Out of all the teen souls that
say they are Christians,
three out of ten really mean it.
Two of those ten do something about it.
One of those ten actually stick with it.

When a kid makes fun of their God,
what’s the probability that they’ll
ignore it?

these numbers are lies, but
these numbers hold the truth.

these are the statistics of the broken hearted.

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