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October 29, 2010
By ShadytheClown BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
ShadytheClown BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
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I'd bury you alive so you'd know how it feels to have the weight of the damned world upon your shoulders and then leave you there to dig yourself out.

I feel the anger rise up in me
The same anger
That makes me bleed
In my heart and in my soul
Killing me
With soft whispers of hate
Softly, deeply
But quickly my blood flows
Outwards, pouring
Showing its true power to the world
Slowly but surely
It destroys me
I am not it
But it has become me
Angry is all I seem to feel lately
Why can’t I just once be free
From the anger that’s trapped inside me
The anger which you provide
The anger which you create
The anger that’s inside me now
Only at me it eats
The only emotion we ever shared
Was anger
The only words we ever said
Were yelled
Why can’t you accept me the way I am
The way I want to be
Instead of turning me into somebody else
The person you wished you could be
I am not you
And never will be
Your thoughts are your own
So how can I know what you’re thinking?
I can’t
But you expect me to
You yell and scream and hate
For I can’t read your mind
Though I try
Anything to make you happy
To stop the fighting and the screams
To stop the constant anger inside me

The author's comments:
I was in a very bad mood when I wrote this.

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