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September 29, 2010
By davidm. GOLD, McGraws, West Virginia
davidm. GOLD, McGraws, West Virginia
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karma what you do happens to you

People come and go, also there's special ones that come and go.
Once you lose that special one, you don't think you can ever find another like that one.
After awhile it feels like your stuck in cruise control,
but if you can get the courage to move on, then you can exceed your last speed.
Although you have to remember, once you speed up you can't slow down.
There's no turning around once you get going; there's no stopping.
This may be hard to do but it's for the best; just floor it and never look back, you will be better off.
Don't be the guy that just loafs around;be a man and put the metal to the pedal.

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