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Blown out light

August 20, 2010
By kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
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You’re the one who lights up my world,
But what do I do now, the light seems to be blown out, or maybe its just not screwed in all the way, it got lose, but its to high up, and the ladders aren’t long enough,
Would it be easier to live in the dark,
And not see the light
To be alone
With out someone
To not smile
Nor laugh
Not have that happy family ever one dreams about
I’ll walk the streets alone,
Never have kids,
Never have a husband
Never have friends
Wouldn’t it be easier
You wouldn’t have to go threw all the drama that comes along with friends
You wouldn’t lose any, and they couldn’t lose you
Not having kids you wouldn’t mess up their lives,
Having kids, would be just wrong, even cruel,
They wouldn’t have a child hood of fun
But moving house to house different family’s
Non would be home,
But all better then home,
Cause home would be in a back alley in the rain, the cold, the snow, the wind, everything all that would save you from that could be a box you found in a dumpster near by
A husband? Just another person to get yelled at by,
Put down
And heart broken again
Why put myself threw it all
I’ve tried everything I can
I always mess up
I tell them all before anything
I’m a f*** up
I cant do anything write
I say stuff
I have my reasons they are just never good ones
And I hear all the same things
Don’t worry ill never get mad
Ill always be here for you
The biggest one, I’m different from all those others ones
If your different how come I’m alone and in the dark,
Exactly where I started
In a dark room
With no ladders high enough to reach the bulb
So it stays blown out,
And I shall be in the dark
And always
By myself
Till the day I die

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