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What is Green?

August 14, 2010
By TanGem PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
TanGem PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Green is the rustle of spring's lightest leaves;
Green is a scent of fresh lawns in the breeze.
In expanses of ocean, green mixes with blue.
Green is the start of something new.

Green is a mystical, pleasant dreaming;
Green's a strange thought— not what it's seeming.
In the sky, green's a nervous cloud before a storm.
Green is a rose, which pierces with thorns.

Green is a newborn lamb's first little bleat;
Green is the swaying of a meadow sweet.
On our planet, green's a world without strife.
Green's a beginning; a quivering life.

"Breathe green deeply."

The author's comments:
Inspired by 'Green,' written by Lilian Moore and 'What is Red?' written by Mary O'Neill. Quote by Lilian Moore.

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