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July 22, 2010
By PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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I walked along the streets
I could hear:
The cars honking and their engines
Whistling from the cross guard
The pigeons and their wings
Yelling from brownstones, another marriage done for

I cannot see, but did I really want to?
Do I want to view the city in which I live?
Should I?
I reach behind my head and untie my blindfold
The scarf bunched up in my hand, I looked up

I could see:
A silent protest around the corner
And vagabonds across the street
A little girl throwing a tantrum, I could hear that too

I walked past the signs
Stopping to see its subject
“Inner City Education Fund” it read on some.
Would that change anything? Could I make a difference?
Should I?
Smile on my face, I take a poster
The sign above me, in that moment: I am someone.

The author's comments:
Community service, learning and speaking your mind, take the blindfold off.

Thank you for reading :)

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