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One With Nature

July 18, 2010
By PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
PaolaC. PLATINUM, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Some define it as being one with nature
When you lay atop the blades of grass
That one ray of sunshine hits your face
And a grin cannot help but follow

It is the sensation when you are
Sprawled about a towel
Fingers dangling in the sand
Swells of the ocean hypnotizing your mind

The way you can hear life itself
As you hike glorious mountains
Shade embracing your movement
The power when you look upon the peak

But if you cannot imagine these splendors
If you do not see the brilliance
In the prizes bestowed around you
Look within your own being, the pinnacle example

Because we are all one with nature
And though appearing tamed: families, falling in love
We are wild inside: feral instincts, spilling of blood
We are nature.

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