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Kiss Him

April 22, 2010
By Erica_Undead SILVER, Addison, Illinois
Erica_Undead SILVER, Addison, Illinois
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I bet you won’t forget the scent
The silver chain that slept on chest
Every bad intention best
This is so messed up

The deep divine, where memory’s kept
Remember every second spent
And maybe if we’re mad enough,
Think twice, then think again

My mind’s refusing to make sense
My eyes seize lies, I second-guess
See, I never saw this coming, hence
Numerous attempts to hide
Despite you’re right beside me
You were never on my side
Please listen
Just kiss him
He’s been waiting all this time

Cease thinking
Stop speaking
Liars can’t be shy
So shed contempt
And open mind
The weak wear down, the strong survive

In our ordinary lives, we find
The risk is high
But worth its weight
And you won’t come away the same
So pay attention, play the game
There exists no difference
In kissing and calling names
But I’d choose choice words any day
So nurse me, hurt me
Steal the pain away

The author's comments:
I've learned to be careful not to let overthinking ruin the best things about being a teenager.

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