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May 10, 2010
By Queen_of_Hearts BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Queen_of_Hearts BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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If you don't love yourself, then who else will?

For years, I've done my dirt.
Not realizing the trespassers I hurt.
For what it was worth; I wanted the taste of revenge.
At first it was sweet, but eventually grew bitter.
Karma crawled upon me like a critter.
I met her not too long ago.
She taught me everything I know.
I grew attached to her and learned the reason why she stood.
To her I got as close as I could.
She spoke a language that sounded like a melody.
I sent her out to other people, but I never knew she would come back to me.
All along, she was my enemy.
She controlled me so much to do things that I started to volunteer.
I wanted so badly to see the ones that hurt me before to shed a tear.
When Karma came back to me, she acted as if she never knew me at all.
I told her to give me the name of the person that wanted me to fall.
She gave me the piece of paper so I could know the person to blame.
I knew her very well because I read my own name.

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