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Unspoken Refusal

April 24, 2010
By axiomaticxashley SILVER, Rhinebeck, New York
axiomaticxashley SILVER, Rhinebeck, New York
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Everything is okay in the end, if it's not okay, then it's not the end.

To a name unspoken, this holy letter is written.

To a person unnamed, i shall declare my love.

Impossible feelings, and impossible thoughts.

Tonight will be the final night for everything.

You would think this would be a love piece.

But i must remind you, your terribly wrong.

My thoughts are jumbled, my mind not right.

I know of my fear, but unsure of my love.

Too cold inside my body, but i think of you.

To make me warm and resists the frost within.

I clench my fists and think of what happened.

Hoping i can fix this, hoping i can change this.

You'd think i would know the remedy for this mess.

But for the first in an eternity, i am completely unsure.

Remixing my words and remeasuring my feelings.

Still unaware of what could be soon to come.

My heart knows how it feels, but my mind does too.

When the snow falls in winter, i know how i feel but..

Tonight just cannot happen to be the same way.

It's like jumping in a pool,on a cold winters night.

All my body tells me what i should feel.

But my heart refuses to comprimise.

I know i've done wrong too but..

I just can't seem to covet the image.

I hope for the remedy to quickly come to mind.

But still i sit and tap my finger to the music behind.

No images coming to mind except for the dreaded.

No thoughts except for what is really unexpected.

Maybe this time the time has run out.

Maybe this time my mind is full of unfaithful doubt.

Who knows why it has happened now.

Not me, but somehow.. I know it'll be okay.

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