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When I was only 3

April 16, 2010
By EMOEMY GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
EMOEMY GOLD, Flower Mound, Texas
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I was only three
When mommy showed me
Something I'd never wanted to see,
When I was only three
I saw my first body,
Withering in pain,
Fading in and out of this world,
When I was only three,
I saw mommy,
Dying on the floor,
Bargaining with the reaper,
Lying in her own blood...
When I was only three,
I almost saw the end of mommy,
Hair in a pebble,
Pink frilly skort,
White and pink frilly shirt,
Fresh green and mud,
Caressing hands, elbows, and knees,
Staring at her body,
Paralyzed with fear,
I don't quite remember...
What happened?
But this one memory always,
Haunts me,
In my sleep,
Teasing my heart,
Reminding me,
Of when I was only three.

The author's comments:
I hope you guys will undersand the mood i tryed to set.

Authers note:
every . count to 1 befor you continue and every, just see it as somthing that helps the flow you can read that with or with out a break.
Please leave comments about spelling grammar comments... if you don’t like it please say so and why so I can try to change that.

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