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April 4, 2010
By Savonstar_13 PLATINUM, Norfork, Arkansas
Savonstar_13 PLATINUM, Norfork, Arkansas
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What can I do?
What can I say?
To express this psychological pain
I opened the door
And there she lay
A sight not meant for human eyes
And yet it happens everyday
I slide my finger down her face
Whisper words filled with grace
I pull her closely filled with pain
I have an idea no I have many
On why it was done
But in honest truth I know not
She used to be filled with so much more
Now I can only think of all the gore
She was a Botticelli angel in life
And so she shall be in death
I close me eyes and kiss her lips
But through it all, I cannot say
For that would be the final life
I still think of her, and wish her well
I light a candle and dutifully tell
So please understand
How it frustrates me so, to be told
To say goodbye even though we have not parted
In my soul

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