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Remember Me

April 4, 2010
By Valiant GOLD, Richardson, Texas
Valiant GOLD, Richardson, Texas
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Me to my friend Heidi

I can't remember
the little girl that everyone loved
with sunlight swimming in her chocolate hair
with starlight dancing in her eager eyes
her hands reached out to learn and grow
her heart reached out to give you hope
and the world was her playground
but she was happy to share
and some of the dolls were broken
but she loved and didn't care
childish laughter and a happy smile
take a picture, she was real

But I don't really remember her

I still remember
The shy girl who felt alone
with a shroud darkening her lowered head
with exhaustion dulling her brown eyes to black
her hands carried books she could clutch close
the books were depressing
filled with her own agonizing words
her heart carried fear she wasn't good enough
her thoughts ate her alive
she was bleeding herself with insecurity
and the world never knew her
because she wasn't worth knowing
and the world never touched her
though she thought she was in pain
but she actually felt nothing
not joy nor sadness nor anything else
blank looks and empty sighs
you won't find a picture
she wasn't even worth that

And I remember her because I can't forget

Where did that girl go, that girl I once knew?
Whispering to herself, “What happened to you?”
Stood in the storm of a thousand angels crying
Screamed to the sky how she was still trying

And her world stop turning and burned to the ground
and she was gone and part of me died
she was gone and no one missed her
she was gone and no one cared
she was gone
But no one even knew

I still remember because I won't let myself forget

And I'm taking her place
even though no one knows
I'll still remember her
That sweet child chirping her yearning verse
That lonely girl crooning her mournful melody

Remember them
they were real

Remember her
no one else will

Hope grew to despair
And no one saw it happen
So remember me
because I finally decided
This time I won't be forgotten

The author's comments:
I've always been told that as a small child I was always smiling, laughing, and just acting like the cutest and most adorable thing that's ever graced the planet. In my late childhood and early teens, I feared everyone and literally never had any friends because I didn't think myself worthy or even a little bit likable in any way. I've grown out of both of those stages but I still am perplexed at how either of those little girls could ever have been me.

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on Jul. 3 2010 at 9:54 pm
HeatherBee BRONZE, I Live In, Texas
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whoaa that was gooooood. very relatable and emotional. i liked the ending too. greatt work :) that was awesoome