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March 12, 2010
By alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
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Pain is what you feel when someone breaks your heart
Pain is what you feel when someone dies
The pain you feel you keep bottled up until you can't hold it anymore Its kind of like a balloon with too much air and it pops, you just burst with too much pressure
Pain is what you feel when someone hurts you mentually
And when your permanently scarred for life
You will have that painful memory for the rest of your life
Pain is what you feel when you relive the things that cause the pain
Pain is what you cause without realizing it
Actually pain is a part of your everyday life

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem is the everyday pain people have, whether it is someone dying or getting their heart broken. I have had pain in many forms. Sometimes there is just too much pain going on in the world.

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