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A fairytale or reality?

January 2, 2010
By kayx3ftw PLATINUM, Woodbridge, New Jersey
kayx3ftw PLATINUM, Woodbridge, New Jersey
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"You don't get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game"- Eminem

I don’t understand why I can’t get you off of my mind. You broke my heart several times in the past and yet I still love you. You made me jealous and envious, which has never happened before. I want to be with you but do you want me too? You flirt and say you love me but is it true? Only you know… sometimes you care too much about what people have to say. But to me only your opinion matters. I want to treat you like a king. Give you everything your heart desires, just give me a chance. Hopefully in the end we can be together, like a fairytale… Happily ever after.

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