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Good bye

November 22, 2009
By Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
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I woke up today and I thought you were here
I went about not realizing
That we weren't Immoral at all
That only superman is Invincible

We live in a small town
Where nothing happens
We live as Immortals happy and ignorant
The sun always shining

Because I knew him he was not suppose to die
There's a law about becoming a statistic
You're not suppose to know them
They're not suppose to be your friends
They're not suppose to be so young

They're not suppose to be that know-it-all guy
Who makes us smile and laugh
They're not suppose to be that nerd
Who likes Star Trek a little too much

They're not suppose to be that sophmore in Collage
That I knew since frehsmen year
Who never took that stupid hat off
Who studied and prepared for a future that wasn't coming

I found out today that we are missing someone
There were no good byes or second chances
There was just that car driving down that lane
No matter how much I ask or cry tonight
No one will tell me the words I need to hear

I need to hear that lie
I need to hear that voice
That will tell me It's alright
I don't want a good bye
I want a cruel lie

Tell me he's ok
Tell me his smiling now
Tell me there was no pain
Tell me he'll comeback some day

I don't want to cry
I don't want to hear he died
I want to hear his laugh
Punch him in the face
Tell him not to scare me so bad

But I won't get that tonight
I want to say so many things
Like I miss you already
That you were the greatest of friends
I hate that you went out that night
I wish I could have stopped you
I wish I had went to that Canoe trip instead of Chicago

I wish you hadn't left
I can't believe that you did
Please come back
I'm not suppose to know a death like this
When I'm only sixteen
I want to save these tears until I'm older
But I can't hold them back

Why'd you have to go
Why couldn't it have been someone else
Did you have to be there
At that time, at that moment
If I had called you would you still be here

Was it your time
Did you have to go
Wasn't there anything I could have done
Would you have gone anyway
Did God plan this
I want to know
Anything to make sense of this

This isn't fair
I want you back
There was so much for you to do
Can't I turn back the clocks
Why isn't this rational
Why isn't this world perfect

I live in a small town
Where mortals mourn
Down by one
No one will tell me your here
That you will comeback
You're gone forever
And I just can't grasp it and I don't want to have to
It's not fair
that you're not here

In this small town
I have to say goodbye
I have to know you're never coming back
I have to face your absence
I have to cry because there's nothing else to do
I have to realize you're not here

In this small town
I hope one day I'll know why
We will always remember you
Don't fade from my memories
Comeback some day
Just so I know you'll alright
But for now I guess

Good bye

The author's comments:
This is in memory of Travis

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