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I Said I Wouldn't Love Again

November 6, 2009
By Queen_of_Hearts BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Queen_of_Hearts BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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If you don't love yourself, then who else will?

I said I wouldn't fall in love again
My heart couldn't take reliving that pain or hearing his forgotten name
I was not ready yet to move on
For I was not yet fully strong, though I ached and was willing to breathe again
But my pride wouldn't let me
Crying out was my spirit, but my mouth wouldn't comprehend
Swallowing back down my words
I was defeated by my own self so I said nothing
Therefore no help didn't approach
No one couldn't find the words to say to me to comfort me
For the experience of a heartbreak was the reason for me to not believe in whatever was spoken in my ear
Therefore I only believe in myself
Following my metaphor of saying I wouldn't fall in love again
Still with my lips sealed and swallowing my pride
Keeping my feet planted on the ground
So no man can have a chance of sweeping me off my feet
Whenever I spoke, it was with my mind and not my heart for my heart was numb
It no longer felt anything
Not even the pain
Inside me was nothing but rain so I had no sunshine
My heart didn't deserve it
It no longer beat because of joy
But for only because it had to
So I could still be alive until my time is up
Taking my words 20 feet under with me because I said I wouldn't fall in love again
Everytime I arose in the morning light with just a little bit of hope, I killed it with the memories
I'm a girl of my word
For I said I wouldn't fall in love again

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