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Orion Returns

October 7, 2009
By StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
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He still refuses to fully leave.
Separated, but he returns,
Impossible to forget-
His eyes are always on me.

Same time, the sky is splattered with black paint.
I pretend-don’t notice, hands,
Tightly bound fists, hanging at his side.
I am alone and Orion sifts the crowd to find me.

I claim a sanctuary by the nearest tree,
It shields me from view,
But still he paces, side to side,
He glances back checking-I can not escape.

Trapped, I step around,
A new spot, the same tree.
The wind wraps around me,
Faded leaves fly away,

Still there watching,
I can feel it,
This time, I do not know how to walk away.

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