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You made me strong.

September 25, 2009
By LiveScreamPhotography SILVER, Balch Springs, Texas
LiveScreamPhotography SILVER, Balch Springs, Texas
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Being your friend was nice,
We had some great times and amazing laughs.
But what you did to me was unforgettable.
You molded me into a person I didn't want to be.
You molded me into you.
You made me feel like I didn't matter, and made me feel stupid.
Always trying to stop being friends with me.
For whatever reason you may had, are you happy you got what you wanted?
Because to you surprise, I am.
You caused too much drama in my life, you were bossy and pushy and persistent.
Now I know who I am, and I don't need you to tell me what’s right and wrong.
Because I can make my own descions.
But I do have to thank you for one thing;
You made me strong.

The author's comments:
Me and my former best friend we're really great together, but then she was being bossy, and just a overall witch. She was making bad choices and I didn't want to go down that same road; because I knew I was already walking towards it. I tried to help her, but she would just keep pushing me away, and now, we're not friends anymore and she can live her own life. I'm happy to not have that drama, and I know who I am now and I love myself. She made me feel very low, and stupid. But I love who I am now, and she did make me stronger as a person, because now I know who to look out for.

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