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The Sultan and the Palace of Toys

September 15, 2009
By M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
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Do you know where you are?
It is a place that’s very far.

Across the world and over the blue
Exists a place past Timbuktu.

Across miles of many deserts, lands and oceans
Is the Palace of the Great Sultan Goshen!

Inside the Palace are many many toys
More toys then there are girls and boys.

Every shape, every color, every model ever made
Every toy in the land everyone a different shade.

Big ones, small ones, tall ones
All ones!

Everyone in a line
Every shape and design.

“Oh, can we see them, all from A to Z?”

“Well… I suppose we can, it’s okay with me!
Let’s start with A and down to Z
Ready! 1...2...3!”

This is the Sultan’s stuffed Alligator, see it’s eyes?
They glow with gold, diamonds and surprise!

This is his Bumblebee Bubble maker!
Bubbles bubbles everywhere
Oh, quick look right over there…

Why it’s his Caroling Camel who lives in a Castle!

And this is his Delightful gold Duck
The one that he rubs and spits out a puck!

Here is his large Eared, Egg Planting, Elephant!
The Elephant plants Eggs all day in the garden
and makes him jam jellephant.

This is his model 2000 Fredrick Frank Feather-Duster
It keeps the Palace clean.
It really is quite a machine!

He has a Golden Glen Goat
that actually drives his Gorgeous new boat!
Forgive me if I sound like I Gloat.

Howling Horsefly’s fly and they soar
But if you forget to close the window
they’ll be gone and no more.

His Ice cream maker makes 3 billion flavors
Even striped tiger kinds and ones much less tamer.

This is his juggling jam jar set
He’s never played with it before
but I bet you it’s easy to juggle I bet!

Have you ever seen a kite flying, kicking, kangaroo?
He has one of them too!

His Lovely purple Leopard Lazes in the Living Room.
But he’s afraid to go in there now…
afraid he might meet his doom.

In his bedroom he has a quire of Mice
who sing under Moonlight at Midnight!
Oh, what a sight!

Ninety New Neckties still lay in a box
Unopened and new- there for his new fox.

He has an Orange spotted Octopus
who sits on an Ostrich overlooking a bridge
Well… really I guess you could say that it’s really the fridge.

Pagilions of Paint sets are throughout the castle
The Sultan paints and he paints with never a hassle.

The Sultan has not married a Queen
But he does have some dolls
The toy sets of Queen Ginger- he’s got them all!

Reading while Riding is never fun for the boss
Unless he is reading on top of his Red Rhinoceros.

His slinky toy snake glimmers and glides
All over the lake.

Twenty-three tired geckos in a tub

Umbrellas and underwear all over the pub.

Violin’s that play with shells!

Three dozen Wax Water Wells

Nine eXorcising monkey’s with X-ray vision
In new nightgowns watching television!

Twenty-two Yellow Yodeling Yack’s!

And Zebras with Zippers right down there backs.

There’s so much to do and much more to see
But that was everything from A to Z!!!!

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