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Promise me

September 14, 2009
By Anie!! SILVER, Cin, Ohio
Anie!! SILVER, Cin, Ohio
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Promise me

I often catch myself thinking of you.
You’re always there after a long day;
You never have to do the things you do.
I’m starting to really feel for you ,
I don’t know if the feelings from you are true;
I want to be happy,
Never hurt.
There you go getting my heart.
But really you’ve had it from the start.
My feelings for you will always be true,
Is it for you?
We’ll try to let it be;
Just wait & see,
But can you guarantee you’ll be faithful to me?
I know you have hoes,
That need to just stay away.
Yet let’s forget the past,
I’ll try my best to trust you
If you promise it’s not a mask.

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