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September 2, 2009
By MollyRuth GOLD, Bloomington, Illinois
MollyRuth GOLD, Bloomington, Illinois
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Does it not sadden you that one day we are best friends and the next we are enemies.
I don’t see how it couldn’t,
If it doesn’t you have a cold, cold heart,
That may sound like a line out of a movie but its true,
If you can lose a friend and it not bother you,
You are not strong, you are weak,
Because you don’t want to fight for something, someone,

I don’t know what to say when we are both in the room,
It shouldn’t be weird, nothing happened right?
I really don’t know what built this wall,
But I want to build a door,
So at least there’s fresh air coming in,
At least there’s breathing room.
The wall smothers me,
It closes me in,
I can’t breathe,
It makes it so dark and lonely,
It frightens me, to think that I may never breathe again,
That I may never get out,
And that I might not get back what I had before,
Before the wall was built.

What did I do, tell me what did I do,
Because I’m sorry, truthfully,
And wholeheartedly;
Please forgive me,
Because I never meant to hurt you,
I never wanted to cause you pain,
Whatever I did…
Whatever that may be…
I’m sorry.

Doesn’t it sadden you how that wall was built right between us,
Because it does me,
It frightens me,
It just sits there all day and mocks me,
Laughs at me,
And tells me how badly I messed up,
And I ask it “tell me what did I do?”
Nothing; silent, no reply,
I say louder “what did I do?!”
You have no idea how quiet it can be until its silent.

Doesn’t it sadden you how 24 hours can take us from one end of the extreme to the other,
What could be so horrible,
So big to build this wall,
This wall that keeps it so dark and cold, all the time.

A word,
A feeling,
But most importantly an emotion,
An emotion that eats at you from the inside out
Until you can’t stand it any longer.

Doesn’t it blow you away how fast things can change for the good or the bad,
Doesn’t it sadden you when everything goes the wrong way,
And you don’t know how to break down that dumb a** wall.

Silence, it’s so loud.

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