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My Flight

October 1, 2022
By Disneygirl_1 DIAMOND, Tenafly, New Jersey
Disneygirl_1 DIAMOND, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Waiting in a crowded airport for my flight,

Gazing at the planes that soar into the evening sky,

As the sky turns darker and darker to transform into night,

Leaving my excited feelings to dry...

Waiting is so hard,

The flight was supposed to come at least an hour ago,

The waiting is hard to disregard,

Is it not going to show?

The plane is taking so long to get here,

I’m starting to think that I’ll never be able to get on that flight,

The plane is supposed to be here,

It’s carrying all my hope and I need the little shimmering hopes of light.

I need to get there,

I want to get there,

I have to get there,

I don't want to have to wait another moment to arrive there.

When is it going to be time for my flight?

When would I get to spread my wings and soar?

Do you believe that I can do what's right?

My flight was supposed to happen an hour ago,

I can't stand it anymore,

I can’t wait any longer,

I can go by myself,

Because I don't need a plane for my own flight.

The author's comments:

Spread your wings and fly, everyone!

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